Yukgaejang: spicy Korean soup (육개장)

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As I blog about food, I found out that a lot of Korean foods have soup, like A LOT. I love spicy food so my favorites are Kimchi jjigae and Yukgaejang. Well, any spicy Korean soup. Since many people already know about Kimchi jjigae, which is one of the most famous Korean foods, I would like to introduce you to Yukgaejang.

It has shredded beef, eggs, spring onions, and lots of soup. The interesting fact is that Yukgaejang is served at Korean funerals. There are many opinions about the reason. One of them is that it is easy to cook and serve. A funeral lasts for 3 days and many people come and go. Since Yukgajang itself is a great meal with white rice, it makes the meal very simple. It also leads to saving money and time.


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Not only for funerals, but also for workers it is a great, simple meal. Yukdaejang is the first and the most popular Yukgaejang franchise in Korea. I heard many good reviews about it. It takes 12 hours of boiling broth with lots of Korean herbs. It costs 8,000 KRW for one bowl of Yukgaejang.

Korean soup

When you eat, you can either put rice in the soup and eat together or eat them separately. Most of Koreans eat the rice and soup together. When you eat the soup, you feel and know their effort in boiling the broth for 12 hours.  It tastes super rich!

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Many Yukgaejang places sell dumplings also. I guess the reason is that the spicy soup and not spicy dumplings go together well. Dumplings balance out the spiciness. You should try them both, Yukgaejang and dumplings!


육개장(Yukgaejang): Korean spicy soup with shredded beef and beef broth.

만두 (Mandu): Korean dumplings

Information of this place

육대장 (Yukdaejang)

It is a franchise so you will find it everywhere. There is one in Gyodae station (line 2 and 3).

서울특별시 서초구 서초대로50길 18 유성빌딩 (18, Seocho-daero 50-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea)


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