Pepero day: exchanging peperos with loved ones

Today! Today is Pepero day in Korea. Before we talk about this day, you need to know what Pepero is. It’s one of the various kinds of Korean snacks and looks like the number 1.

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Pepero day started with Korean high schoolers in Busan around the 90s. Since November 11th consists of four number 1s which look like peperos, they gave each other peperos with hopes of becoming taller and skinnier like pepero. Later, in 1997, Lotte Confectionery heard the story and used it to promote peperos.


pepero day 1

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pepero day

These days, exchanging peperos is almost mandatory among students. They give peperos to their friends, boy/girl friend, and respected ones like teachers and parents. A lot of students buy not the original pepero like in the first picture above, but special ones like a bigger version of pepero, a heart shape made with lots of pepero packs, pepero with a big teddy bear, pepero cookies, and etc.


pepero day

In contrast, most adults give only a packet of pepero to a person and I guess it’s because they know that Pepero day is just a promotion from Lotte.

pepero day 5

pepero day 7

pepero day 8

There are many types of peperos these days.

Red: the original pepero / green: almond pepero / yellow: nude pepero which has chocolate inside / pink: strawberry pepero / black: double dip (white and milk chocolate) / silver: oreo pepero / gold: chocolate cookie crumbs on top

Which taste do you want to try the most? πŸ™‚ And why don’t you give peperos to your loved ones?

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