Mandu: Korean dumplings (만두)

Yoooo guys, sorry that I’ve been lazy these days! So here’s a treat for you. DELICIOUS Mandu! (well, it’s actually a treat for myself also, since I LOVE dumplings.)

Mandu is basically a Korean dumpling which has various chopped ingredients inside of the dumpling skin. Chinese also eat dumplings, but Korean dumplings look a little different and the biggest difference is in the dumpling skin. Korean ones have a much thinner skin than Chinese dumplings.

There are various kinds of dumplings depending on the ingredients and the way that they cook it. For ingredients, we have Kimchi and meat Mandu which are the most popular ones. You can steam, fry, and boil them. Making a dumpling soup with Mandu is also an option.


korean dumplings 5

I had a Mandu feast yesterday. Literally Mandu feast. I had so much of it, I was stuffed. Seriously, these were so good! I brought 6 packs of Mandu home and had some for dinner. Yeah, I really do love Mandu.


1. Steamed meat Mandu (고기만두; Gogi mandu)

korean dumplings 1

korean dumplings 7


There are pork, cellophane noodles, cabbage, onions, tofu, Korean leek, and other vegetables inside of Mandu. Usually, other restaurants put pork fat too for the better taste but it is not good for digestion. This restaurant I went put pork and beef instead of pork fat which tastes better and is easier to digest.

It also had Shiitake mushrooms which are quite expensive so other restaurants wouldn’t normally put it in Mandu. This Mandu was truly a health food.


2. Steamed Kimchi Mandu (김치만두)

korean dumplings 2

korean dumplings 6

Kimchi Mandu has mainly Kimchi and some meat (usually pork; this Mandu had beef too). It’s spicy but not too spicy. My favorite is Kimchi Mandu, as most Koreans love it.

It tastes better when you put real Kimchi in Mandu but many restaurants just put seasoned cabbage, which is not fermented. Fermented Kimchi makes a better Mandu.


3. Steamed cream Mandu (크림만두)

korean dumplings 8

You can’t see this Mandu anywhere but here. It has the mixture of carbonara spaghetti sauce, squids, and various vegetables inside. I don’t know if the cream sauce and squids go well. It is not my favorite but it’s good to try once.


4. Butter-fried Mandu (버터구이만두)

korean dumplings 3

korean dumplings 9

They are meat and Kimchi Mandu but butter-fried. It’s so savory! Butter and Kimchi go together better than I expected. The outside is crispy and the inside is soft.

All of the Mandu here are pretty big and the price is good. I found a nice restaurant!


Mandu Ta-ryeong (만두타령)

경기 안산시 상록구 두레로 1 (1, Dure-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)



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  1. YoHan, Shin 3 years ago

    Today’s topic is dumplings. I love them! Judged from the last series of your postings, you put emphasis on person’s health as a factor for considering good foods. As for this one, I relate to your comment. Common restaurants add pork fat called ‘lard oil’ to make palatable food. In fact, majority including me would feel taste good with it. However, as they use it secretly, it would secretly bring a negative effect on our body such as diabetes, high blood pressure. We need to set the tone to reduce the amount of fat injection.

    • Jina Lyu Author 3 years ago

      wow yes. agreed. you are so genius!

  2. YoHan, Shin 3 years ago

    This restaurant turns out to be very close from my house. On the way to 상록수 station, I found it by chance. Haha, it was like serendipity. I will visit there sooner or later.
    Jina, here is one thing I want to share with: Seoulfriendshipfair. It is an annual global festival in which you can experience various nations of culture, traveling or foods. Since you are food lover, I think you would enjoy the event. If you are available or interested in, google 지구촌나눔한마당 in NAVER or something.

    • Jina Lyu Author 3 years ago

      woahhh thanks for sharing! I would LOVE to go there 🙂 I will definitely google it. Thanks a lot! AH.. it’s finished. haha oh well.. maybe next time!

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