Korean spicy fish soup: Mae-un tang (매운탕)

I would say this is one of the very-Korean dishes. Korean spicy fish soup: Mae-un tang! Rather than women, men like it, especially over the 40s. If you go into a Mae-un tang restaurant, you will see many men customers. I guess it is because Korean men over 40s, called Ah-jeo-ssi, like spicy hot soup.

My dad loves it as well so I have been to many Mae-un tang places with him. Many restaurants use imported fish but the one where I went used only ones caught in Korea which is fresher.


spicy fish soup3

Most Mae-un tang restaurants do not look fancy or nice but just clean and normal Korean style. This one gave us side many dishes which is part of Korean culture.


spicy fish soup2

This Jeon (전; Korean fried pancake) is made with Minari (미나리; water parsley). Personally I can’t eat fresh Minari because of its interesting smell but this Jeon does not smell at all and I love it. Very savory.


spicy fish soup1

While waiting for the spicy fish soup that we ordered, I found these! Korean Ah-jeo-ssi would do these kind of things haha.

Most of Ah-jeo-ssi love climbing mountains and some of them gather edible plants like roots and different types of herbs and make different kinds of alcohol with them. How? Just put alcohol and the plants that you want (but usually one type at once) together and leave it for at least one to two years. Then drink it 🙂

This restaurant is really Ah-jeo-ssi style, huh?


spicy fish soup4

Mae-un tang is here! It is made with fish and different types of vegetables with spicy red pepper sauce and chili powder.

You eat it with rice separately or by mixing them together. It has whole fish so you need to bone the fish. Ah-jeo-ssis are so good at it. I do not like the fish in it, but the soup 🙂


spicy fish soup5

Then, if you want, you can put noodles in the soup, boil it again, and eat it. I love noodles with soup more than rice with soup. It might not look attractive to you but if you like fish or spicy soup, you need to give a try. Be adventurous!


평창강민물매운탕 (Pyeongchang-gahng Minmul Maeuntang)

경기도 화성시 봉담읍 덕우리 105-2 (105-2, Deogu-ri, Bongdam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do)


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