Korean soup Gamjatang: food for a hangover

Gamjatang, a spicy pork bone soup, is well-known as Korean soup for a hangover. People eat it after drinking or while drinking so a lot of Gamjatang restaurants open for 24/7.

Eat not only the meat stuck to the bones but also one between the bones. Of course you will use your fingers 🙂

After eating the meat, fried rice is mandatory! Remember the crispy rice part.


감자탕 (Gamjatang): a spicy pork bone soup

볶음밥 (Bokkeumbab): fried rice

Recommended: (Gamjatang Eleve)

경기 안산시 단원구 당곡로 11 2층 (2F, 11 Dangok-ro, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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  1. 영어도 엄청 잘하시네요 @_@!! 영어 공부 좀 해서 저도 영어로 댓글을 달수있도록 노력을..쿨럭~

    • Jina Lyu Author 4 years ago

      앗 아닙니다 ^^ 응원 감사드립니다!

    • Jina Lyu Author 4 years ago

      앗 감사합니다!! 🙂

  2. YoHan, Shin 3 years ago

    How are you these days, Jina?
    I wanna tell you a thing.
    A few days ago, I went out for dinner with my friends. I suggested having a 감자탕 to them.
    Since they’ve never heard of it before, I had to describe it from start to finish. But they have a difficulty in figuring it out just with verbal expression. Something came up in my mind. I showed them your video commercial! How things turned out? We enjoyed it. You’ve sold it to them!

    • Jina Lyu Author 3 years ago

      Hi YoHan! I just came back from Okinawa so didn’t have time to write a post. Thanks for showing them my video! I have stopped it for now. I am not sure when I will start making videos again. YoHan, your comments are really, really encouraging! I need to write regularly here but I have been busy these days. Ah. Your comment pushes me and I like it 🙂 thanks!

  3. YoHan, Shin 3 years ago

    I’m also happy my comment has a positive influence of you. Making video clips require lots of effort and time. I hope to see a new version in due time:) Wow! You have been to Okinawa! How Full of joys of spring. I’ve heard of its stunning nature and comfort. Are you going to post some events in the island? I have an acquaintance, a pastor of the church where I attend and he is about to go Okinawa for his honeymoon. If you share attractive restaurants or sightseeing of it I will appreciate it!

    • Jina Lyu Author 3 years ago

      I will not probably share it on my blog but I would love to give you tips 🙂 Tell them to try Okinawa steak (I tried in Sam’s in the International Street but there are many steak restaurants), Ramen (in the same building of Subways near Kenchomae station), Beni Imo (purple sweet potatoes) tart and ice cream in the International Street, and Wufuya in the northern Okinawa. If they will go shopping, Don Quijote or 100Yen shop located in the International Street is the best. If you have any question, let me know!

  4. YoHan, Shin 3 years ago

    Thank you for the tip, Jina.
    I’m definitely into your idea. Grilled Wagyu sirloin is one of the lists never to be missed, still more Sushi in Japan. I’ve wondered how authentic Ramen would be, comparing to the taste of Korean version to see if how much it is suited for Korean palate l. Dessert, made of purple yam seems to be very interesting. I will recommend it to them. Don quijote? It has a funny name. Does it indicate the work of Cervantes? Then, I am curious whether they sell a Japanese china or cutlery or not.

    • Jina Lyu Author 3 years ago

      hahahaha yeah funny name 🙂 Don quijote is a big supermarket like Homeplus in Korea. They sell everything!

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