Korean Seafood Feast: Hoe course meal

The three sides of Korea are surrounded by the sea and seafood is common here. As you go closer to the sea, seafood is much cheaper of course πŸ™‚ There are many Hoe (회; sashimi) restaurants on the coast and I visited one in Seosan, Chungnam.

You can eat either just Sashimi or a course meal which includes things from appetizers to desserts. My family ordered the course meal. It is truly a feast. You will be amazed.


sashimi course 1

First of all, the sauces and fresh garlic and chili peppers are set on your table. Hoe restaurants usually give you two types of sauce: soy sauce with wasabi and spicy sour red chili sauce. However, I like to make my own sauce with Ssamjang (red chili pepper paste plus soybean paste) and wasabi.


sashimi course 5

Then a small portion of Jeonbokjuk (전볡죽; Abalone porridge) comes as an appetizer.


sashimi course 2

sashimi course 3

sashimi course 4

Salads, sweet mashed pumpkin, and seaweed soup also come as appetizers. A lot of appetizers, huh? By the way, each of the three appetizers above and other dishes to come are served in one dish, so you and others share it, while the sauce and Jeonbokjuk are served for each individual.


sashimi course 6

sashimi course 7

Sauced and grilled eels and seaweed Jeon (μ „; fried pancake) come next.


sashimi course 9

sashimi course 8

I love these. Oh my word. Fresh, raw seafood. Orange sea squirt (멍게; Meong-ge), red “penis fish” (개뢈; Gae-bul), white abalone (전볡; Jeonbok), dark sea cucumber (ν•΄μ‚Ό; Hae-sam), and fresh San-nakji (산낙지; sliced raw octopus).

Yeah, a lot of them sound weird and you might not have heard of them. Which one is the most interesting?


sashimi course 10

sashimi course 11

Mayo corn, fried shrimps, and fried fish are following. These crispy fried ones are my mom’s favorite.


sashimi course 12

sashimi course 13

Fried Gizzard Shad (μ „μ–΄; Jeon-eo) is not the best for me. It has too many fish bones. The second picture is boiled young Skate with sauce. It is moist and soft.


sashimi course 14

sashimi course 15

Then Sushi and braised seafood come. Both are delicious but, at this point, you would practically already be full. My family and I could not finish the braised seafood.


sashimi course 16

sashimi course 18

The main dish has not come yet. It will come soon πŸ™‚ Shrimp and lobster prepare the way for the main dish.


sashimi course 17

And here comes the main dish! It’s flatfish and rockfish sashimi. There is no way that you can finish this sashimi after you had all the food before this. We could not finish even half of this and brought the leftovers back home.


sashimi course 19

But it is not finished yet. Fried fish is served again.


sashimi course 20

Ok, I am stuffed but Mae-un-tang (λ§€μš΄νƒ•; spicy fish soup) can’t be missed after eating hoe. It is like eating Bokkeumbap (볢음λ°₯; fried rice) after eating Korean BBQ. We just had some soup.

It is a feast πŸ™‚ You must try this amazing course meal. Your belly will be full with great food and your heart full with Korean generosity.


Gudo Hoejip (κ΅¬λ„νšŸμ§‘)

좩남 μ„œμ‚°μ‹œ νŒ”λ΄‰λ©΄ νŒ”λ΄‰1둜 748 (748, Palbong 1-ro, Palbong-myeon, Seosan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea)


Price: 50,000 KRW for person

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