Korean Mexican food with Kimchi

I love Mexican food. I just love them. About three years ago when Mexican food was not this popular in Korea, I even emailed Chipotle in America to see if they had plans to enter the Korean market but sadly they did not have any plan. If they entered the Korean market, I would have started as a franchisee of Chipotle.

Now after three years from then, the market totally changed. There are many Mexican restaurants where you can taste authentic Mexican food and I was thinking what if Korean and Mexican food are mixed. Well, I found a restaurant like that in Gangnam, Seoul.


Korean mexican food 1

This taco captivated me with mango salsa and pink coleslaw. The combination of sweet mango, sour coleslaw, and fried shrimps cannot be described in words. Ok. You might think “is this Korean Mexican?” Well, look at what comes the next.

Korean mexican food 2

Korean mexican food 4

This is a Kimchi quesadilla. Obvious Korean Mexican food. The meat is pork neck which Koreans enjoy eating and it has stir-fried Kimchi and Gochujang Mayo sauce. Gochujang is Korean red pepper sauce. Spicy and cheesy go really well together. Green salsa on top is made with green tomatoes.

Oh my gosh. It melts my heart and restores my soul.


Korean mexican food 3

Korean mexican food 5

As I ate, I realized that the Burrito bowl is very similar with Bibimbap, a Korean dish which you mix various ingredients and rice. This burrito bowl has Ssamjang sauce which is the mixture of Doenjang (Korean soybean sauce) and Gochujang. It has green onion salad (파절이; Pajeori) and sesame leaf which Koreans eat with Korean barbecue.

By using Korean ingredients for Mexican food, this restaurant succeeded in captivating Koreans’ tastes. I like that Korean and Mexican tastes are well-balanced.

Which country’s food would be good to mix with Korean food next?


무차초 (Muchacho)

서울 강남구 봉은사로4길 37 지하 1층 (B1 floor, 37, Bongeunsa-ro 4-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)

전화번호: 02-538-8854

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