[Korean food] Dakgalbi: stir-fried spicy chicken (닭갈비)

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My favorite Korean food, Dakgalbi! It is from Chuncheon which is one of the most popular touristic places in Korea. Dakgalbi has chicken, vegetables (cabbages mainly), and rice cake with spicy sauce. It costs from 8,000 to 10,000 KRW which is a reasonable price.

Even though it is from Chunchon, there are many Dakgalbi restaurants all over Korea.

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You eat the rice cakes and sweet potatoes first because they get cooked first. Then eat the meat. You can eat the meat only or make a wrap with Korean lettuce and sauce (If you want, you can put garlic in it also). Make sure to leave room for fried rice (볶음밥, Bokkeumbap)

The chicken is cut into bite-size pieces. Try to eat chicken and the veggies together. It is awesome. You will love it 🙂 If you do not like spicy food, you can ask them to make it less spicy.

안 맵게 해주세요 (An maep ge hae ju se yo) = Please make it less spicy

After eating the meat, order fried rice. A server will make it for you with the veggies and sauce on the grill, meaning that it is good to save some sauce and veggies left for fried rice. Fried rice usually costs 2,000-3,000 KRW.


닭갈비 (Dakgalbi): Stir-fried spicy chicken

볶음밥 (Bokkeumbap): Fried rice

안 맵게 해주세요 (An map ge hae ju se yo): Please make it less spicy

Information of this place:

춘천명물 닭갈비 (Chuncheon Myeongmul Dakgalbi)

경기도 안산시 상록구 본삼로 17 1층 (1st floor, 17, Bonsam-ro, Sangrok-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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