Korean Food Basics: Jokbal and Bossam (Yasik food)

Korea has an interesting culture called Yasik, late night meal, because many Koreans like to eat food at night. Some cook at home but most of them go out to eat or use the delivery system since it is convenient and widely used throughout the country.
Even some foods are recognized as Yasik food such as fried chicken, chicken feet, and instant noodles. Jokbal and Bossam are also well-known as Yasik food.

jokbal bossam 1

You can order Jokbal or Bossam each but I ordered a dish which comes with both of them. Let me explain the similarities and differences. In the picture, the meat on the left is Jokbal and the one on the right is Bossam.


jokbal bossam 3

Jokbal is meat from pork feet. It’s Korean version of Schweins Haxen, a German food. It has more fat so it is more soft than Bossam.


jokbal bossam 4

Bossam is just pork meat which does not have much fat. Even though people eat Kimchi when eating Jokbal, they seem to eat more Kimchi when eating Bossam.


jokbal bossam 2

jokbal bossam 5

The similarities are:

  1. Kimchi always comes with it.
  2. You make a lettuce wrap with the meat and other vegetables.
  3. You dip it in Saewoojut, salted shrimps, and eat it.
  4. Both of them are made from pork and boiled with many spices to get rid of the pork smell.

and.. Koreans love both of them!


항아리보쌈 (Hang ah ri bossam)

경기 화성시 향남읍 발안로 31 (31, Baran-ro, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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