Jokbal: boiled pork as Yasik food (족발)

Korean food basics #3: Jokbal (Garlic Jokbal) has been released!

– It is boiled pork with pork feet but does not smell because of spices that take away the pork smell.

– In Korea, late night meal culture is huge and it is called Yasik (야식). Jokbal is well-known as Yasik food.

– Many people use delivery system for their Yasik food so they do for Jokbal.

– These days, upgraded versions are more popular than the original like Spicy Jokbal or Jokbal with cold vegetables. What I had was Garlic Jokbal (마늘족발)

– There are four ways to eat it.

  1. With Saewoojut (salted shrimps)
  2. With garilc sauce
  3. With Kimchi
  4. In a Korean wrap

Or.. you can be creative!


족발 (Jokbal): Boiled pork including pork feet sauced with soy sauce and spices that take away the pork smell

야식 (Yasik): Korean late night meal culture

마늘족발 (Manul Jokbal): Garlic Jokbal / 불족발 (Bul Jokbal): Spicy Jokbal / 냉채족발 (Naeng Chae Jokbal): Jokbal with cold vegetables

Information of this place

대가보쌈과 냉채족발 (Daega Bossam & Naeng Chae Jokbal)

경기도 안산시 단원구 광덕서로 78 1층 (1st floor, 78, Gwangdeokseo-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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