Jeon and Makgeoli in rainy days in Korea

The 6th video has been released!

This winter has been much warmer than the last year’s. It doesn’t snow but rains. So this video is about what to eat in rainy days in Korea.

We eat Jeon (전; Korean pancake) and Makgeoli (막걸리; alcohol made with rice).

  • Jeon has two big categories: the one which looks like pancake and the other which looks like the ingredients itself.
  • How to eat it: dip it into the soy sauce and eat it.
  • The best way to eat Jeon is to eat it with Makgeoli, Korean alcohol originally made with rice.
  • These days, there are many types of Makgeoli.

Drinking culture (when you drink with someone older than you or higher in position)

  • When you pour drinks, you pour it with two hands. Hold the kettle with your right hand and put your left hand under the kettle.
  • When you receive drinks, you receive it with two hands. Don’t show you drinking to the elder but turn back a little bit and drink.
  • When Koreans cheer, we say Geonbae~


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