Jeju food Hweh Guksu: Noodles with raw fish (회국수)

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Hweh Guksu is one of the dishes that you need to try in Jeju. Jeju food! The dish literally has raw fish and noodles and adds some vegetables like sesame leaf, cabbage, cucumbers, and carrots. The sauce on top is Chojang (초장), red chili pepper paste with vinegar, so it is a bit more sour than the normal Gochujang (고추장), red chili pepper paste. Chojang is mainly used in fish dishes.


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You can choose either white fish or squid, which is more chewy than the former. You can have fresh squid Hweh Guksu only during the summer because it is in season and so that’s what I had. Before you eat, you need to mix it all together with chopsticks. Remember how to do it? One chopstick in the left hand and the other in the right hand.

The price of squid Hweh Guksu was 15,000KRW and that of white Hweh Guksu was 10,000KRW. Jeju food is getting more expensive as many people comes to Jeju 🙁

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And time to eat! Noodles, veggies, and squid all together 🙂 Yuuuum! It tastes a little spicy, sour, and sweet. Oh and it is not dry but moist. You should definitely try Hweh Guksu in Jeju!


회국수 (Hweh Guksu): Raw fish noodles or white fish noodles

한치 회국수 (Hanchi Hweh Guksu): Squid raw fish noodles

Information of this place:

용두암 바당회국수 (Yongduam Badang Hweh Guksu)

제주특별자치도 제주시 서해안로 614 (614, Seohaean-ro, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea)


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