Jang-eo gui : Korean grilled eel (장어구이)

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Have you tried eels? I mean it looks like a snake living in water, but tastes good. In Korea, eels are considered as energy food and known for the benefits it gives men. The most common way to eat eels is grilled. It normally costs 50,000-70,000  KRW for 1kg which is for 2-3 persons.

In other places, a server cooks it for you and in other ones, you cook it on the grill on the table.


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Cooked eels! Don’t worry about small fish bones. It does not have them because the servers already cleaned it. Easy to eat 🙂

The skin part is crispy and the meat is soft. It might smell like dirt since eels live in the dirt, but it shouldn’t smell if you eat well-cleaned and well-cooked ones. In other words, smell decides whether the restaurant you are eating at is good or not.


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You can either eat only eels by dipping it in the sauce or make an eel wrap (쌈). I like the latter better because you can taste different tastes at once. Also, even though eels have a little bit of smell, veggies in the wrap hide it.

When you make a wrap, you can use cabbage or sesame leaf. On the top of either of them, put one piece of eels and ginger dip in the sauce. Wrap it and eat it! Yuuuuum



장어 (Jang-eo): eel

장어구이 (Jang-eo gui): Grilled eels

쌈 (Ssahm): Korean style wrap

Information of this place:

통큰장어 (Tong-ken Jang-eo)

경기도 안산시 단원구 광덕3로 145-17 (145-17, Gwangdeok 3-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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