Italian Gamjatang in Seoul

If you want to know about the original Gamjatang, click the link.
This time, I went to Daehakro, Seoul to eat an Italian style Gamjatang. Italian Gamjatang sounds interesting, right? 🙂 Let’s find out!


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This Gamjatang is made with Italian ingredients like rucola, pasta, tomatoes, cheese, and other things. Usually, a Korean Gamjatang has sesame leaves, Korean cabbage, cellophane noodles (Dangmyeon), and Sujebi (수제비; small pieces of dough torn by hand).

Both Korean and Italian Gamjatang have pork bones and are spicy.


gamjatang 3

They give you a sandglass which lasts 5 minutes and you wait until the sandglass is done. It is a small thing, but it’s fun and makes you happy.


gamjatang 4

This is tomato Kimchi. At first, I thought, “Holy Cow, what in the world, tomato Kimchi?” I could have never have imagined tomatoes plus the spiciness of Kimchi going together. But it tasted fine. I liked the fresh idea. But I am not sure if everyone would like it.


gamjatang 5

A pork bone from Gamjatang 🙂 The meat wasn’t perfect for me. I wish it would have been softer and more in quantity. But the soup was amazing! The tomato taste was the strongest and it was spicy with red chili powder.


gamjatang 6

gamjatang 7

After you eat a little bit, you pour the milk-like liquid they give you into the pot. Then you can taste a different taste of soup. It is milky, mild, and less spicy. I also liked this soup.


gamjatang 8

gamjatang 9

Instead of eating Bokkeumbab (볶음밥, fried rice) after finishing the Gamjatang, you order and eat risotto. The risotto was my favorite part here. It is cheesy and a little spicy.

I still like the original Gamjatang better but this one is good to try once! If you are looking for Gamjatang in Seoul, try this.


오감자탕 (Oh! Gamjatang)

서울특별시 종로구 대학로8가길 56 동숭빌딩 (56, Daehak-ro 8ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea)


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