Italian Gamjatang in Seoul

If you want to know about the original Gamjatang, click the link.
This time, I went to Daehakro, Seoul to eat an Italian style Gamjatang. Italian Gamjatang sounds interesting, right? πŸ™‚ Let’s find out!


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gamjatang 1

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This Gamjatang is made with Italian ingredients like rucola, pasta, tomatoes, cheese, and other things. Usually, a Korean Gamjatang has sesame leaves, Korean cabbage, cellophane noodles (Dangmyeon), and Sujebi (μˆ˜μ œλΉ„; small pieces of dough torn by hand).

Both Korean and Italian Gamjatang have pork bones and are spicy.


gamjatang 3

They give you a sandglass which lasts 5 minutes and you wait until the sandglass is done. It is a small thing, but it’s fun and makes you happy.


gamjatang 4

This is tomato Kimchi. At first, I thought, “Holy Cow, what in the world, tomato Kimchi?” I could have never have imagined tomatoes plus the spiciness of Kimchi going together. But it tasted fine. I liked the fresh idea. But I am not sure if everyone would like it.


gamjatang 5

A pork bone from Gamjatang πŸ™‚ The meat wasn’t perfect for me. I wish it would have been softer and more in quantity. But the soup was amazing! The tomato taste was the strongest and it was spicy with red chili powder.


gamjatang 6

gamjatang 7

After you eat a little bit, you pour the milk-like liquid they give you into the pot. Then you can taste a different taste of soup. It is milky, mild, and less spicy. I also liked this soup.


gamjatang 8

gamjatang 9

Instead of eating Bokkeumbab (볢음λ°₯, fried rice) after finishing the Gamjatang, you order and eat risotto. The risotto was my favorite part here. It is cheesy and a little spicy.

I still like the original Gamjatang better but this one is good to try once! If you are looking for Gamjatang in Seoul, try this.


μ˜€κ°μžνƒ• (Oh! Gamjatang)

μ„œμšΈνŠΉλ³„μ‹œ μ’…λ‘œκ΅¬ λŒ€ν•™λ‘œ8κ°€κΈΈ 56 λ™μˆ­λΉŒλ”© (56, Daehak-ro 8ga-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea)


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