Interesting Korean food Kodari Jjim: Braised Pollack (코다리찜)

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There are three kinds of pollack which Koreans use for cooking: fresh, half-dried, and fully-dried. Each has a different name.

Myeong Tae (명태): fresh pollack / Kodari (코다리): half-dried pollack / Boogeo (북어): fully-dried pollack

Fresh pollack is mostly used for stew (jjigae), Kodari for braised dishes, and Boogeo for soup. My favorite among the three is Kodari because it is chewy and moist at the same time. Fresh pollack is moist but not chewy and Boogeo is chewy but not moist at all.

The dish in the picture is Braised Pollack made with Kodari. The seasoning is a little spicy and sweet. I like the rice cake in it which adds chewiness.


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The server will give you bean sprouts and you put it in the dish and then cover it with the sauce. The good thing is that the server takes the big bones out of Kodari so that you can eat it easily.


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This interesting Korean food does not have a specific way to eat it, but I like the way this restaurant has it. On the top of dried seaweed (김), put rice, a piece of Kodari, sauced bean sprouts, and super spicy chili pepper. Roll it and eat it. If you can’t handle the spiciness, you can take out the chili pepper.

It tastes awesome. You will taste many tastes at once: spicy, sweet, salty, super savory! If you don’t like fish, you might not like it though.



명태 (MyeongTae): Fresh pollack

코다리 (Kodari): Half-dried pollack

북어 (Boogeo): Fully-dried pollack

김 (Kim): Dried seaweed

Information of this place:

자성화맛집 코다리네 (JaSeongHwa MahtJip Kodarine)

경기도 광명시 한내로 13번길 6-4 (6-4, Hannae-ro 13beon-gil, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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