Incheon tour: Gyodong island (Gyodongdo)

You might have never heard of Gyodong island. It is in Incheon, next to Ganghwa island. There was no way to get there than by ferry before, but Gyodong bridge was built on July 1st, 2014. Because it has only been a year and a half since the bridge was built, Gyodong island still looks like the 1960s in Korea.


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From Ganghwa island, you need to cross Gyodong bridge. There is no transportation except car. Since it is close to the border between South and North Korea, you need to write your name, phone number, and car number on the designated paper which a soldier gives you and get a pass from him. When you come back from Gyodong island, you give the pass back to the soldier.


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Gyodong island is a small island so there is not much to see. My family and I went to Gyodong Daeryong market (교동 대룡시장), which was full of 1960s’ posters. The ones in the picture are theater posters 🙂


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I found a lot of campaign posters. For example, people preferred sons to daughters in the 60s, so there was a campaign for no favoritism towards boys.


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I saw many grannies selling different types of grains, tofu, Korean herbs, etc. This picture says all about Gyodong island. You wouldn’t see this in Seoul.


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Rubber shoes! In the 60s, soon after the Korean War, most people put on rubber shoes and even treasured these, so they kept wearing them even when the shoes were worn out. These are nostalgic for those born in the 50s and 60s like my parents.

When my parents looked at them, they started talking about the memories of their parents getting them these as gifts.


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Korean twisted donuts topped with lots of sugar 🙂 They are chewy and sweet. I love them.


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He’s my dad haha Here is a Korean old cafe called Dabang (다방). Before fancy cafes and coffee franchises from other countries entered the Korean market, Dabang was a place to drink coffee and Korean teas. The owner of Dabang was usually a woman and they called her madam (마담). They also delivered coffee.


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I found a Dabang in Gyodong island. It looked old and had many types of Korean teas. I got one of them called Ssanghwa tea (쌍화차), which is considered a health tea. It is boiled with different types of herbs and topped with dried dates, pine nuts, and peanuts. It is sweet and rich.

Not these days but in the old days when people couldn’t get enough protein due to poverty, Ahjeossi (아저씨; men over 40s I would say, but the age is my standard.) put yolk in Ssanghwa tea and drank it to get protein.

I have tried my first Ssanghwa tea with yolk in Gyodong island. It was much better than I thought. I liked it, actually. You should try this and imagine if you were in the 60s in Korea 🙂


Gyodong Daeryong Sijang (교동 대룡 시장)

인천광역시 강화군 교동면 대룡리 574 (574, Daeryong-ri, Gyodong-myeon, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon)

Gyodong Dabang(cafe) nubmer: 032-932-4085

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