Jeju food: horse meat

If you have a chance to visit Jeju island in Korea, you must try horse meat. Yeah, it sounds weird and you might say, “ewwww, you eat horse?” Well, yes I ate horse, but it didn’t taste bad. It was similar to beef.


jeju horse meat

In most of the horse meat restaurants in Jeju, a course meal is common and it first comes with rice porridge (죽: Jook) as an appetizer. It is not seasoned enough so it is good for appetizing. As you know, an appetizer with a strong taste doesn’t help you fully enjoy the dishes to come.


jeju horse meat2

Secondly, it comes with meat sashimi (육사시미: Yuk sashimi) and seasoned raw meat (육회: Yuk-Heh). The sashimi was bigger than I thought for a bite. After dipping it in the sesame oil sauce, I put it in my mouth and chewed it, and chewed it, and chewed it. Whoa, it was very chewy. Oh, and it smelled a little bit at the end. Well, it wasn’t my favorite.

However, I really liked the seasoned raw meat. First of all, it was cut perfectly for a bite and it was not that chewy. Because it was seasoned and you eat it with pears, it does not smell at all.


jeju horse meat4

Thirdly, hamburg steak (함박스테이크: Hambak steak) comes. The size was about the size of my palm, meaning it was small but enough. It was made with grounded horse meat, which was really tender. The sauce was not too much that you can’t taste the meat, but just the right amount 🙂


jeju horse meat5

The fourth dish is marinated, grilled horse (갈비: Galbi). It smells like sesame oil and tastes like soy sauce. Cuts are made in the meat and it helps the sauce spread well and keep the meat soft. Not all the meat was soft though. Some parts were tough so it was hard to chew.


jeju horse meat6

Lastly, soup (국: gook) and rice (밥:bab) come out. You put rice in the soup which is already seasoned. It is Korean style to have soup last 🙂

Generally it was a great course meal, but I felt I had too much meat at once. The horse meat is a high-protein, low-fat food meaning it is good for your health and diet. It is definitely good to try!


말고기 (Mal Gogi): Horse meat

죽 (Jook): rice porridge

육사시미 (Yuk sashimi): meat sashimi

육회 (Yuk hweh): marinated raw meat

함박스테이크 (Hahmbahk steak): Hamburg steak

갈비 (Galbi): marinated, grilled meat

국 (Gook): soup / 밥 (Bap): cooked rice

Information of this place

제주 녹산장 (Jeju Noksanjang)

제주 제주시 조천읍 교래리 464-1 (464-1 Gyorae-ri, Jocheon-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-do, Korea)


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  1. alyss 2 years ago

    hey just asking, do you remember the prices of the food.. sets etc.? 😀 thank you so much in advance!! This was super informative and interesting!! inspired by you to try it one day :)))

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