Hamburg steak in Korea?!

Hamburg steak isn’t actually from Korea but it has been Koreanized here and many people love it. How different is it? Let’s find out!

  1. Koreans eat it with cooked rice.

The staple food for Koreans is rice. We eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (It has been changing in the young generations to eating Western foods more often). We eat it with Bulgogi (a beef dish marinated with soy sauce) and Korean beef BBQ as well as with Hamburg steak.

2. Koreans eat it with Kimchi.

Oh, Kimchi can’t be missed in any meal in Korea. I would say that Kimchi is also a staple food along with rice. I personally love eating steak with Kimchi. Don’t laugh at me because a lot of Koreans would be the same haha.

3. Koreans place it in a Korean earthen pot called Ttukbaegi.

Not every Hamburg steak restaurant places it in Ttukbaegi, but some places do because the pot keeps it warm. When you get the steak at first, you will see the sauce boiling because of the heat from the pot. The temperature slowly goes down.


I found one Hamburg restaurant which meets all three features above. The name of the restaurant is 경성함바그 (Kyeong Seong Hamburg) located in various locations throughout the country. Kyeongseong was the name for Seoul in around the 1900s.


I can see that the interior design looks like the old Seoul style I saw in the movies. (Of course it is fancier and more trendy, but it has the feeling of the old Seoul).


I ordered two hamburg steaks; one is the basic Kyeong Seong hamburg and the other is Deonjang hamburg. Deonjang is Korean soy bean paste. As you see, it comes with rice and Kimchi, and is placed in the Korean earthen pot. You can see the sauce boiling without fire in the second picture.


Hamburg steak is not as big as I thought. Oh well, you can add the steak with 4,500KRW. The sauce for the basic hamburg steak is made with Demi-glace sauce, tomatoes, red wine, and garlic. Anyone would enjoy this.

Doenjang hamburg steak is more soupy and has a light smell of Doenjang. It has Doenjang, eggs, garlic, Asian leeks, and radishes in it. I would say it is quite spicy. It was even spicy for me. If you would like to try Korean fusion hamburg steak, it would be a good choice. If not, go for the original one.


경성함바그 (Kyeong Seong Hamburg)

서울특별시 마포구 어울마당로 122-1 2층 (122-1, Eoulmadang-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul); near Hongdae station; I took the pictures in the restaurant in Incheon not in Seoul by the way.


9,000KRW to 12,000KRW

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