Bibim Guksu with Bulgogi

Everyone knows that Korea is one of the largest rice consumption countries. Following by rice, guksu (국수; noodles) is another type of food that Koreans love eating. We have tons of noodle dishes and I would like to introduce you to Bibim guksu.


bibim guksu 2

Bibim (비빔) means mixing and Guksu(국수) means noodles. So Bibim Guksu literally means mixing noodles. It comes with different types of vegetables like Korean lettuce, radish Kimchi, eggs, and dried seaweed. It is topped with Gochujang (고추장), Korean red chili pepper sauce.

The ingredients and the sauce differs from restaurant to restaurant, but most of them look similar.


bibim guksu 3

And the way of eating it is the same 🙂 Just like the meaning of the food, mix all of the ingredients together well with chopsticks. I have mentioned this several times, but just for those who don’t know… When you mix noodles with chopsticks, Korean usually have one chopstick on the left hand and the other on the right. You kinda lift the noodles up and down several times and mix them well like the one in the picture above.

You can eat it right away but here is the recommended way to eat it from the Korean food blogger 🙂


bibim guksu 1

Since few years ago, eating Guksu with meat has also been popular. Usually the meat looks like this and it is seasoned with soy sauce. It is like Bulgogi, and tastes sweet and salty.


bibim guksu 4

Here is the best way to eat Bibim Guksu: noodles and the meat together. The guksu is cold and the meat is warm. It sounds like they wouldn’t go together. Well, ironically, eating them together tastes amazing! This is because the meat is chewy, salty, and sweet while the noodles are spicy. They complement each other.

You can eat hot noodles with the meat too 🙂 Try it!


Eokbuin Guksujip (억부인 국수집)

경기 파주시 적성면 산덕골길 10  (10, Sandeokgol-gil, Jeokseong-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do)


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