Korean food Basics: Baeksuk, boiled duck (백숙)

Baeksuk (백숙) refers to meat that is boiled for a long time with no seasonings, but instead uses different types of fresh herbs and vegetables. It is usually chicken or duck meat, and it is considered as a health food. Since Baeksuk is a way of cooking, there are many types of Baeksuk depending on the ingredients, like mushroom, Korean herb, ginseng, etc.

The restaurant I went to was built Korean style in 2000 and their specialty is in Dongchunghacho Baeksuk. It’s a mushroom grown from insects’ dead body and their mushrooms are grown from silkworms. Sounds interesting, huh?


boiled duck 1

boiled duck 2

This restaurant also has a small silk museum because the founder has researched silkworms for over 35 years. The museum has Korean traditional silk machines and everything about silkworms.


boiled duck 3

boiled duck 8

Awesome side dishes 🙂 You know they are all free. Kimchi, pickled garlics with soy sauce, and mulberry leaf Jeon (전; Korean pancake).


boiled duck 5

boiled duck 4

Here is Dongchunghacho (동충하초; mushrooms grown from insects’ dead body) Baeksuk. The meat is duck meat, and it was boiled for a long time with different types of Korean herbs and Dongchunghacho. Silkworm dongchunghacho is thin that you can’t see it well in the picture.

Put the meat on your plate. Using your chopsticks, take some meat, dip it into salt, and eat it. Duck is less soft than chicken, but still yummy. The soup is my favorite part. Since it is boiled for a long time with various ingredients, it is very savory and rich.

There are so many great, very Korean restaurants outside of Seoul. Explore Korea! If you need anything, I would love to help you. Just send me an email! 🙂


Bbong-na-mu-gol (뽕나무골)

경기도 화성시 향남읍 은행나무로 591 (591, Eunhaengnamu-ro, Hyangnam-eup, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)


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  1. fransiska 3 years ago

    hi there! can i please know the directions to this restaurant? or otherwise a similar place that have herbal duck in seoul? thanks in advance!

    • Jina Lyu Author 2 years ago

      oh I’m so sorry! I missed this comment. For the future, if you have any question, please let me know 🙂 The easiest way would be Instagram or Facebook. Sorry again!

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