5 Cute Cafes in Seoul (2nd edition)

I posted 9 Korean cute cafes from Seoul to Jeju Island a couple weeks ago. This is the second one but only in Seoul ๐Ÿ™‚ For the first one, click here.

For every cafe, I attached my post in my Korean blog so you can click on it and see more pictures.


1. Humming bella (Hongdae or Hapjeong, Seoul)

cute cafes in Seoul

cute cafes in Seoul

cute cafes in Seoul 2

cute cafes in Seoul 3

It truly has BEAUTIFUL desserts like cakes and tarts. I have tried their earl grey cake and strawberry tart and both of them were delicious. They look good and taste good. I also liked their small garden which is hard to find in a crowded, busy district like Hongdae. I prefer seating by the big windows because you can see people going by and feel Seoul.

Price: Earl grey cake – 6,000KRW / Strawberry tart – 7,000KRW / Coffee from 4,500KRW

Address: ์„œ์šธ ๋งˆํฌ๊ตฌ ๋…๋ง‰๋กœ 7๊ธธ 57 (57, Dongmak-ro 7-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea)

More pictures:ย http://lyuj1.blog.me/220584807074


2. The DalDal (Gangnam station, Seoul)

cute cafes in Seoul 7

cute cafes in Seoul 8

This cafe used to be a house, so it gives you a nice cozy feeling. It sells various types of chocolates including chocolate drinks. Their green tea chocolate (๊ทธ๋ฆฐํ‹ฐ ์‡ผ์ฝœ๋ผ) ย is amazing. It melts in your mouth and the taste of the green tea is rich. Their chocolate drinks are delicious as well. I recommend trying the Real classic chocolate drink, which is not super sweet but just enough.

I can’t describe their affogato in words so I attached a short clip. Enjoy!


Price: Chocolat – 6,500KRW / Real classic chocolate drink – 6,500KRW / Affogato – 7,000KRW

Address:ย ์„œ์šธ ๊ฐ•๋‚จ๊ตฌ ๊ฐ•๋‚จ๋Œ€๋กœ102๊ธธ 38-6 (38-6, Gangnam-daero 102-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)

More pictures:ย http://lyuj1.blog.me/220597045735


3. Coffee Hanyakbang (Euljiro, Seoul)

cute cafes in Seoul 9

cute cafes in Seoul 10

cute cafes in Seoul 11

cute cafes in Seoul 12

Coffee Hanyakbang shows how Korean buildings looked in the 1930s. This place is located in a small alley which is hard to find. It is old but stylish inside with various kinds of ornaments and decorations. They still play records instead of music from a cellphone. For me, born in the 1990s, everything here was interesting and attractive.

The price of their drinks is pretty low compared to that of other cafes in Seoul. I have tried Maple latte and Espresso con panna, which is coffee with whipping cream. Both tasted good ๐Ÿ™‚

Price: Maple latte – 4,000KRW / Espresso con panna – 4,000KRW

Address:ย ์„œ์šธ์‹œ ์ค‘๊ตฌ ์‚ผ์ผ๋Œ€๋กœ12๊ธธ 16-6 (16-6, Samil-daero 12-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea)

More pictures:ย http://lyuj1.blog.me/220598150585


4. Mopsi (Hongdae, Seoul)

cute cafes in Seoul 14


Mopsi is specialized in their cheesecake baked in a small, cute pot. Of course, I attached the short clip of it. It is super soft; especially the center, which is so soft that it looks like liquid. Oh and it is hot. It comes to you right after it is baked. Good to try in the winter ๐Ÿ™‚

Price: Cheesecake that I tried – 6,800KRW / Royal milk tea – 6,500KRW

Address: ์„œ์šธ ๋งˆํฌ๊ตฌ ์™€์šฐ์‚ฐ๋กœ29๊ธธ 48-29 (48-29, Wausan-ro 29-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea)

More pictures:ย http://lyuj1.blog.me/220599868402


5. Sulbing (many franchises in Korea)

cute cafes in Seoul 20

cute cafes in Seoul 21

Sulbing is a big franchise which sells Korean desserts especially Bingsu (shaved ice with sweet toppings). It continuously launches new types of Sulbing and HanDdalgi Sulbing (ํ•œ๋”ธ๊ธฐ์„ค๋น™) was launched two months ago. Sulbing’s ice is special; it is not icy, but powdery, and not too cold. You should try it ๐Ÿ™‚

Price: Bingsu from 6,000KRW / Handdalgi Sulbing – 12,000KRW

Address: ์„œ์šธ ๊ฐ•๋‚จ๊ตฌ ๊ฐ•๋‚จ๋Œ€๋กœ152๊ธธ 45 (45, Gangnam-daero 152-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea)

**Sulbing has many franchises in Seoul or other cities in Korea. Click here to find Sulbing near you.

More pictures: http://lyuj1.blog.me/220583597516ย ย 

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