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Jina the Korean food blogger :)


Hi guys!

Yes, I am a food blogger in Korea.

Why did I start blogging about food? Well, when I was young, I saw a TV show which introduces all the amazing dishes from other countries. That looked super cool and I wanted to be a reporter who goes all around the world, tastes their local foods, and tells other people how the food tastes like.

My dream changed a lot as I was growing up, but I ended up wanting to do the same thing I had first dreamed of. Talking about my own country’s dishes.

Korean food culture is huge and has lots of interesting dishes such as fermented bean soup (청국장) or smelly fermented skate (삭힌홍어).

I will introduce you to Korean food one by one ranging from the basic dishes to ones that you have never heard of or imagined. Please follow me on Youtube and subscribe to my website if you want to get updates. Oh, I will address you Yumkos, the short version of Yumkorea.

Any questions are welcome by email or comments!


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